The future of the festival is worth looking forward to

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The art festival penetrates to the grassroots level, presenting distinctive regional characteristics, and the content, mode and host body are more diverse.

The foresight of ideas and the innovation of concepts are becoming the soul of the festival. The content design of the art festival pays more and more attention to thematic interpretation, focusing on the extension and cross-border of art.

The art festival should tap local cultural traditions and deeply integrate with tourism to build local brands together.

At the beginning of the new year, the twentieth "Meet Beijing" International Art Festival kicked off. More than 700 artists from 12 countries and regions will use art to warm the winter in the past month.

This is a figure of various flourishing art festivals.

There are dozens of national art festivals in China alone. Judging from the content of the performance, there are both comprehensive art festivals, and single-type drama festivals and music festivals. Judging from the way of holding, most art festivals are fixed locations, and some are held in turn by different places. According to the scale, there are both small art festivals as short as a few days, and large art festivals as long as one month or even several months; most art festivals are held every year, and some are held every few years ...

With the scale of economic development and changes in cultural consumption patterns, art festivals are infiltrating the grassroots, presenting distinct regional characteristics, and the content, models, and host bodies have become more diverse. Many small miniature art festivals have begun to appear, like "capillaries", delivering artistic nutrients to every corner.

Through these "festivals" of all sizes, art enters the lives of ordinary people.

Enhance the quality of the festival

Content planning is the core

Content is the core competitiveness of an art festival. Different content forms different style characteristics of the festival and faces different audience groups. For example, the Asian Art Festival is characterized by cultural diversity; the Beijing International Music Festival is a top professional standard; the Nanning International Folk Song Art Festival is the modern beauty of national culture ...

Good content planning starts with high-quality programs. The famous celebrities appearing at the Beijing International Music Festival can pull up a long list-pianist Marta Agric, cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and Jose Carré, one of the world's three major tenors. Russ ... and the conductors and chief musicians of the world's top orchestras such as Berlin Philharmonic, and many of the classic masterpieces performed on the stage, which established their leading position in the domestic classical music theme art festival.

The proportion of original debut works is also an important benchmark for measuring the "level" of an art festival. In recent years, the proportion of original debut works of the Shanghai International Art Festival has led the country, and by 2019 it will account for about half. More and more world-renowned groups have put their Asian premieres here, and the commissioned creations of the festival have continued to surprise people, such as the acrobatic drama "War Shanghai" that opened last year. Each of these "only one family" unique programs attracts a lot of viewers every year to take a special look at it from other places.

In addition, combined with the social hot spots of the moment and place, it can also enhance the appeal of the program. For example, during the "Meet Beijing" last year, the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference, the art festival planned the opening performance of "Asian Ballet Night"; this year, the Tokyo Olympics will be held, and Japan is selected as the guest guest.

Section design is also part of content planning. Today's large art festivals usually include different sections such as support for young artists, art education, lecture forums, exhibitions, carnivals, etc., to meet all imaginable needs. Excellent art festivals will also pay special attention to the tastes of young audiences and innovation. In 2019, the Beijing International Music Festival made a bold breakthrough in the field of emerging performances and introduced new forms of VR music experience, hoping to give new meaning to classical music. The Shanghai International Arts Festival set up a "Youth Viewing Troupe" to select hundreds of college students and high school students to write Play reviews, give the program a score, and get the "green appraisal index" that reflects the preferences of young people; Wuzhen Theatre Festival is even more famous for its youth, and the free performances of college student drama clubs are all over the streets and lanes, and the trend is interesting ...

All signs show that the foresight of ideas and the innovation of concepts are becoming the soul of the art festival. The content design of the art festival pays more and more attention to thematic interpretation, focusing on the extension and cross-border of art.

Achieving sustainable development

Market operation is key

What is the key to a good art festival? Many practitioners and experts give the same answer: how to consistently attract audiences.

Music critic and art consultant Liu Xuefeng of China Foreign Cultural Corporation believes that in addition to high-quality content, successful market operations are the key. "Of course, the" market "not only refers to the box office, but also includes the government's attention and support, corporate attention and sponsorship ... A well-run art festival must have both a 'seat rate' and a balance of payments. '

It is understood that among the many well-known art festivals in Europe, the proportion of government funding, commercial sponsorship and box office income is roughly the same. Due to China ’s focus on the “benefiting people” function of art festivals and the immature performance market in some regions, local governments often provide policy support and financial subsidies. In fact, Huimin is not in conflict with the market. Under the current conditions, Huimin can be said to be a necessary process for dissemination and training of the audience. The outdoor section of the Shanghai International Art Festival, "Art Sky", is basically free of charge. To the surprise of the Arts Committee, tickets for outdoor shows that have been performed outdoors have been sold particularly well. The reason is that outdoor performances have built up a reputation for these shows and cultivated a group of art lovers.

The art festival taps the local cultural traditions and deeply integrates with tourism. This has become a worldwide experience. Salzburg's cultural appeal as the home of Mozart, and the general love of symphony in the surrounding area, is one of the key factors for the success of the Salzburg Festival; the French Avignon Theatre Festival, which ranks among the world's three major festivals The ancient city itself is a famous historical site and world cultural heritage. China's Wuzhen Drama Festival is also a model, giving full play to the unique landscape advantages of Jiangnan water villages and ancient towns. The audience of Wuzhen Drama Festival is mainly from outsiders, and its structure is similar to that of the world's top art festivals. It has successfully proved the win-win strategy of art and tourism to build local brands. In this regard, Beijing, which is extremely rich in cultural resources and tourism resources, has a lot of room for development.

Liu Xuefeng said that letting tourists get what they want and audiences have their own rewards is an ideal state for future art festivals.

Promote cultural construction

A long way to go

The standard, scale and influence of an art festival are indicators of local cultural life. Those well-known art festivals have become the cultural business cards of a city or even a country.

The art festival has a very important role. It can enrich urban life, improve people's quality, promote artistic creation, and help talent cultivation ... The early commercial performance market is still underdeveloped. The festival has become an important channel for people to appreciate stage art, especially Asian art. Festivals and other windows that showcase the style of the world's art gardens have broadened people's horizons. Earlier was the Chinese Art Festival, which was founded in 1987. The way of rotation in various places has greatly enhanced the cultural development level of the host place. According to statistics, the average number of Chinese art festivals can advance the construction of local basic cultural facilities 10 years in advance. The "exhibition + awards" linkage mechanism provides a platform for professional academies across the country to communicate and drive for competition, and has inspired a number of outstanding works.

With the gradual increase of China's international influence, the festival also assumes the important task of foreign cultural exchanges and helps Chinese culture go global. Taking the Shanghai International Arts Festival as an example, the Silk Road International Arts Festival Alliance, which it led to set up, attracted 163 institutions from 44 countries and regions to join in just two years. The performance fair of the art festival has become a professional performance trading market with world influence. Every January, I go to the American Performing Artists Association to learn about new works on the Western stage. In October, I go to Shanghai to see the dynamics of the Oriental art circle. It has become the habit of many global performance operators. Through the festival platform, the dance drama "Ambush on the Ten Sides" made its debut on the Shadler's Well Theatre, the most authoritative British dance industry, and the Edinburgh Arts Festival therefore proposed to the Shanghai International Arts Festival a joint commission to produce the dance drama "Spring Festival". This work has become one of the best repertoires at the 2019 Edinburgh Art Festival box office.

As the president of the Shanghai International Arts Festival Center said, "It is not unusual to invite top teams to perform. It is more important for the other party to produce a work with you-this can help domestic art talents grow rapidly. "The joint commission also means that the schedule and effects of foreign tours are guaranteed." The works are aimed at local mainstream audiences. Such 'going out' is the real 'going out.' "

In Wang Yan's view, there are not too many domestic art festivals today, but they are still not enough. The performing arts market still needs to be cultivated. "Make the market cake bigger in order to form a virtuous circle."

The future of the festival deserves more expectations. (Zhou Feiya)

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The future of the festival is worth looking forward to

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